Kuyichi X FrietHoes, for all conscious fries lovers

Everyone loves fries. We definitely do! That’s why we’re proud of our recent collaboration with FrietHoes, who are known for their fresh and handmade fries. We created custom made comfy sweaters and t-shirts for them that show our common love for fries in an appealing way. Just because we can. A unisex mini collection for […]

Why we want you to buy consciously (and skip the Black Friday sale)

Black Friday is just around the corner. Many brands are preparing for a huge devaluation of their goods. People are already on the lookout for the best deals and signs like “shop until you drop” are everywhere. Black Friday is annually ‘celebrated’ the day after Thanksgiving and the biggest starting signal for sale each year. […]

Denim recycling collab: the Utrechtse Jeans

We’re very proud to announce the launch of a special recycling project that we did with one of our dear retailers, De Rode Winkel: The ‘Utrechtse Jeans’. It’s an exclusive special edition denim, made from old jeans that were worn by Utrechters (residents of our hometown). They were collected earlier this year and we recycled […]

Kuyichi signs the Transparency Pledge

“Take a stand”, “make a fist” and “be conscious in what you buy”. We can endlessly keep throwing statements, and for sure we will since the fashion industry absolutely needs that radical change, but how can we expect from you to make a conscious choice when the journey behind clothing items remains untraceable? On November […]


Who makes our clothes? How we work with our suppliers

  It’s Fashion Revolution Week. An important week, in which the entire sustainable fashion industry focuses on brands to become more transparent about their supply chain. Who make our clothes? Where are they sourced and produced? And, most importantly, under which circumstances? To us, ethical production and transparency aren’t things that we’ve started doing recently, […]

Antoine Peters Kuyichi

KUYICHI X ANTOINE PETERS collection launch

We are excited to launch our latest collaboration: the KUYICHI X ANTOINE PETERS collection. We love Antoine Peters‘ positive view on the world and his conscious and exploring design approach. Great fit! The Dutch designer created a complete top collection for Kuyichi, celebrating our heritage and our common love for sharing optimism with the world. […]

Why GOTS is the organic champion

  The landscape of certifications can be cloudy. There are plenty when it comes to fashion and they are hard to tell apart. They do have an important role when it comes to organic cotton. Since organic is not a protected name, the certifications give a guarantee to you – the people choosing organic over […]