Start this new year fresh! Check our best tips for building a truly sustainable wardrobe

Just a few organic quality jeans with the perfect fit, a denim overshirt made from 99% recycled materials, a timeless turtleneck that doesn’t itch, a nice relaxed hoodie and the ultimate basic tee. We’ve carefully built our collection to give you everything you need for a fresh start of the year. Let’s make 2021 an […]

How to take proper care of your organic jeans? Our best tips!

The denim industry is a dirty business. Good thing: there are many ways to keep the impact of your jeans as low as possible. We take our responsibility by keeping our water and energy consumption in our supply chain as low as possible, but YOU can also make a difference. Not only by choosing for […]

No sale, never. On Black Friday we give back.

With Black Friday around the corner, we’re about to face a weekend – no, month – full of shopping madness. Well, not for us. Oue products always have a fair price. We never give discount. Not during sale season, not on Black Friday. Instead of supporting a system that is all about greed and overconsumption, […]


Denim recycling, how do we do it?

The future of fashion is about circularity. Recycling and using recycled fibres lowers the environmental impact of a garment drastically, since there is no water, land and other resources needed for the growing or extracting phase of the fibres. Also, so much has already been made, so why only use new fibres? Nowadays technology creates […]