About our brand new 100% recycled jeans

That’s right. We have a new fabric in our AW20 collection that is too cool not to share. We’re very excited about it because it happens to be one of the most sustainable denim fabrics out there. The Heritage Blue fabric (available in the Jim fit for men and in Nora for women) is made from 100% recycled cotton. Yes, you read that right, ONE HUNDRED percent! We hear you thinking: tell me more! Well, alright then 🙂

A strong and amazing fabric, made from 100% recycled materials

This special denim fabric is made from production waste by our supplier (but we rather call them a dear partner) Bossa in Turkey, with whom we have been working for many years. Bossa is an ethical, sustainable and innovative denim factory that uses the latest technologies for the products they make. The problem with recycling is often that the fibre length becomes shorter in the fiberising process – and therefore less strong and durable. Bossa has found a way to keep the recycled fibres as long as possible and turn them into a beautiful heavier weight fabric with their guaranteed high quality. The result: this 100 percent recycled cotton fabric is just as strong as any fabric made from new cotton. It only has a much lower environmental impact.

A sustainable dyeing technique and clean wash

Besides the fact that this fabric is made from recycled materials, there’s more to its sustainable story. The wash is created by using Bossa’s SaveBlue indigo dyeing technique. This reduces water consumption in the dyeing process by up to 85%. But that’s still not it. We go beyond materials and fabrics. The denim fabric is crafted into jeans by our partner SARP Jeans, stitched together with recycled polyester stitching threads. Afterwards, they strive for a wash with the lowest impact possible. This wash reduces water consumption by up to 56%, compared to conventional washing. For this we use the sustainable e-flow machine that works with nanobubbles instead of water, giving these jeans a cool light vintage wash. It is finished with a vegan patch made from corn waste. This means that these items are also 100% vegan. Officially PETA approved vegan, to be exact.

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