Nora clay coated likes to get dirty

Say hi to our new Nora Clay Coated. This grey denim might look like any other denim for you, but she has a special story to tell. A story about natural dyeing and sourcing locally. So let’s dive in! 

The new Nora, naturally clay coated denim

Nora is now available in a brand new clay coated wash. This fabric is made by our Turkish partner Orta Anadolu and it uses natural and local resources for its colour. It is dyed with clay from the Halys river in Turkey, also known as the ‘red river’. The warm grey colour is made by a mixture of the red clay from the river with natural indigo pigments. 

Clay coating works totally different from conventional indigo dyeing. Instead of dyeing the yarns upfront, you dye the woven fabric. The fabric is laid out flat and covered with the mixture of natural clay and herbal indigo. The colour penetrates the fabric top-down, leaving the inside light. Afterwards, it needs to be rinsed and fixed with heat, to make sure the colour will last. This technique goes back to the old way of making garments. Clay has been used as a dyeing pigment for centuries.

By using clay coating instead of conventional indigo-dyeing the water consumption is reduced by almost 1/3 and the wastewater is way cleaner. No synthetic dyestuffs are used in this process, only natural clay and indigo, which do no harm to the environment. On top of that Nora is finished with a low impact wash. Hello earth-friendly Nora! 

Nora is our popular girl, getting along with any body type. This 80’s inspired denim shows off your waist and brings out your butt. While at the same time giving you all the comfort you need. No wonder she’s one of your favourites! 

Nora Clay Coated

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