Wear what you like, think unisex

When it comes to wardrobe favourites, we think it’s most important that you feel good in them. We should all wear our clothes with love and self-confidence. We shouldn’t be concerned about whom it’s designed for, what size we should wear or what body should wear a certain type of garment.

Although we are bound to different body types, especially when it comes to figure hugging jeans, we try to design as universally as possible. We want to inspire you to wear whatever you feel good in. Sizes are just an indication, a standard. Order one size up if you like a relaxed fit.

Unisex fits are increasingly becoming an important part of our collections. We love boxy fits. You can wear them tucked in, tied up, whatever you like. For example, our Buckley tee is worn by nearly as many women as men. Same for the Robin hoody. Or think completely different: our office manager Thomas wears the Nora mom jeans (originally designed for women) as a relaxed eighties fit. And it actually looks great on him!

The pros of thinking more unisex when it comes to buying clothes

Curious about some pros of wearing more unisex clothes? Well, the first one is obvious: letting go of gender creates so much more to choose from. It’s will stimulate your creativity and openness as a person, because you’ll experience that you’ll start looking at a garment differently and take what you like more as a starting point than what you think is normal. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to a more ‘wardrobe sharing’ kind of way. More and more people start sharing (a part of) their wardrobe with their partners (no matter what their gender identification is), family or friends. On top of that: a sweater that is designed for a men’s body is PERFECT for all ladies to curl up on the couch in.

Bottom line: whom the shirt fits, let him wear it. Or her. Whoever 🙂

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