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New in our collection: 99% recycled shirts

Say hi to Andrew and Marley, two brand new items in our collection that carry a special story. Besides the fact that they’re both perfect sustainable denim shirts (if you ask us :)), they’re made from 99% recycled materials and have a very low environmental impact. Let’s dig a little deeper into the story behind these sustainable gems, shall we?

Andrew is a timeless classic overshirt for men and the Marley overshirt, a cool staple piece for women, has a boxy fit and an edgy vintage wash. Both items are ethically made and can be worn year round, due to the fabric composition.

Recycled denim
Recycled denim

Made from a premium blend of 99% recycled materials.

One of the most special things about the fabric is that both Marley and Andrew are made from 99% recycled content. The fabric is a premium blend of 53% Refibra (Tencel fabric which is mainly made from recycled materials), 40% recycled cotton, 6% recycled polyester (made from old PET bottles) and 1% elastane for extra flexibility. Pretty cool, huh? Find our 99% recycled items here.

This combination creates a firm – and still soft – Tencel-like fabric, which is perfect for keeping you warm on colder days and to be worn as a relaxed jacket during summer. Developing garments that can be worn all year long is an essential part of our design process. True sustainability isn’t only about a sustainable way of producing, after all, it’s also about creating timeless wardrobe favourites with a perfect fit – pieces you’ll wear year after year, in all kinds of combinations.

But there’s more to it. Let’s talk about innovative washing and dyeing techniques.

But there’s more to the story behind Andrew and Marley. The fabric is dyed and washed with sustainable innovations of our dear partner Bossa in Turkey. We used the SaveBlue dyeing technique, which makes sure that 85% water is saved compared to conventional fabric dyeing. Also, fewer dyes are needed for the same result. The wash was created by using ozone and E-flow technology, which needs way less water and chemicals, too.

Due to the combination of all these innovations, these items have a very low environmental production impact – especially compared to conventional denim, which is still one of the most polluting products in the fashion industry. Andrew and Marley are, without a doubt, two of our most sustainable items ever made. Make sure to check them out!

Recycled denim
Recycled denim

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