We’re proud to have new vegan patches

When you know better, you have to do better. We may be a sustainable brand, but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep learning and innovating (read our latest Sustainability Report here). One of the most recent developments is the introduction of our new patch, made from recycled corn. Since transparency is key to us, let’s dig a bit deeper into our brand new patch.

Our previous vegan patch was made from Jacron

It has been a while since we stopped using leather in our denim collection. In 2016, we introduced our first vegan patch on the back of our jeans, made from Jacron. Jacron is a paper-like material, mainly made from cellulose from (recycled) wood pulp. By using these patches, our new denim collection became vegan and we’re still very proud of that. The Jacron patch did have a downside: it became less beautiful after some washes. So we kept looking for a better substitute…

Our new vegan patch looks even more like leather

… until we found our new Viridis patches. These green PU patches are mainly made from corn waste (48% corn polyols, 26% cotton and normal PU – with no impact on the food chain) and look even more leather-like than our previous patch.

The PU was added to keep it together and extend its lifespan, especially when you wash your jeans often, so it will remain beautiful for a long time. Working on sustainable practices means doing a lot of testing, comparing and considering different options. When looking at the combination of production impact and its durability, this patch is the most sustainable patch we could find. And maybe even more important, it’s the most durable one, lasting through an almost infinite amount of washes.

Made by our partner Panama Trimmings in Italy

These patches are made by our partner Panama Trimmings in Italy, a sustainable company that carries the activist slogan ‘Stop fucking the planet’. We’re proud to work with this supplier because Panama Trimmings practices what they preach. The roof of their facility is stacked with solar panels, completely covering their energy demand. Besides, they offer a wide range of more sustainable patches and other products, for instance, made from recycled, vegan and bio-based materials.

Although we aim to have a 100% bio based AND qualitative patch one day, we’re very excited to have taken our patches another step forward.



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