#wemadeyourclothes, with love

Not many people realise that a lot of work, time and energy goes into making a beautiful garment, especially a pair of jeans. We want you to realize that to us, every single stitch counts. Every garment is made by people, not machines, and every piece of clothing went through many pairs of hands before it ends up in your wardrobe. But whose hands are they? In the context of Fashion Revolution Week, we’d like to tell a little bit more about who made your clothes. Because we love our makers and you deserve to know the story behind your outfit.

Our clothes are made by people who are treated right.

We believe fashion should be fair for everyone in the chain, we always have as ethical working conditions are in our DNA. In fact, Kuyichi was found in 2000 to improve the working conditions in the cotton industry (read more about our heritage here). To make sure all of our pure goods are made by people who are treated right, we carefully select our suppliers. We currently work with specialised factories in Turkey, Portugal, Pakistan and China. We take great pride in all of our dear suppliers and we list every single one of them on our website (from those who make the end products to fabrics, threads, trims, embroidery and patches), including supplier information such as certifications and the number of people who are working there. Find our whole suppliers list and all info here.

We see our suppliers as equal partners

“The power is in the chain” is what we always say and we mean it. To us, every supplier is a deeply valued and equal partner. We work very closely with every single one of them and we always strive to create a long-term relationship, in good times and in bad. Now the impact of the corona crisis has cast a shadow over the entire fashion industry, it’s more important than ever that we keep working together closely, get through it together and find solutions that benefit both parties. Read more about how we deal with our suppliers during the crisis here.

We pay factory visits on a regular basis

We pay regular visits to production facilities to evaluate our partnership, the situation on the work floor, new innovations and check the production of our pure goods. Visiting our factories and seeing the effort and craftsmanship that is being put into creating our collection is always a heart-warming experience. Seeing our garments come to life makes us realise how special each garment is, time after time. Like we said, every stitch counts.

Our production manager Laurent at our supplier Dinateks

We are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation

There’s always room for improvement. To keep working on creating even better labour conditions in our supply chain, we became a proud member of the Fair Wear Foundation in January 2020. Our Fair Wear membership is an important step in taking our responsibility and working even harder on improving our supply chain and making sure that every garment worker receives a living wage. From now on our improvements will be judged through an annual and public Brand Performance Check. Read this blog to learn more about our membership and what it means for our way of working.

We’re working towards 100% transparency

Being clear about our production process has always been one of our core values. The much needed radical (sustainable) change in the fashion industry is only possible if every company is pushed to be open and honest about their production process. How can we expect you to make a conscious choice if the journey of a garment remains untraceable?

So we try to lead by example as good as we can. By officially sealing the promise towards 100% transparency by signing the Transparency Pledge in November 2019, we took our transparency game to the next level. Signing this pledge is our next step towards a 100% transparent production process and it’s an important step to fight for better working conditions in the fashion industry. We believe that Kuyichi can, by partnering with initiatives like this, push other brands to open up about their suppliers too. Read more about our transparency commitment here. Our supplier list is also uploaded to the Open Apparel Registry, a database of all publicly available or voluntary uploaded supplier list to drive more transparency in the fashion industry.

Again, buying our pure goods means buying a garment with a soul, a product that has been made with love by many people. We will always keep fighting for good conditions for every single one in our supply chain and the fashion industry.

P.s. We’re working hard on finishing our new and detailed Sustainability Report. Keep an eye on our website and Instagram to be the first to read it!

If you have any questions considering our production process, our suppliers or how we work with our partners, don’t hesitate contacting our CR manager Zoé, cr@kuyichi.com.

4 thoughts on “#wemadeyourclothes, with love

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Renske,

      Thanks voor het laten weten, het is meteen aangepast!
      Fijn om te horen dat je het leuk vindt om dit soort informatie te lezen:).

      – Thomas

  1. Franck says:

    “Clothes made with love” Wel jammer dat jeans gemaakt zijn om maar 2 winters mee te gaan tegenwoordig. Het is wat het is blijkbaar. Ik zal zeer spoedig eens gaan kijken in Nijmegen; de winkel in Den Bosch was helaas al weer snel gesloten.

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Franck,
      Bedankt voor je reactie. Vervelend om te horen dat je slechte ervaringen hebt met de kwaliteit van jeans.
      Het is bij ons zeker wel de bedoeling dat je jaren plezier kunt hebben van je jeans en als dat niet het geval is zijn we altijd bereid om te kijken hoe we dit kunnen oplossen.
      Voor specifieke klachten kun je ons altijd mailen op webshop@kuyichi.com, dan weet ik zeker dat we tot een mooie oplossing kunnen komen!

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