Take Care.

These are interesting and insecure times for everyone. We hope all of you remain safe and positive. Everything has changed in just weeks and we’re all forced to think short term, to keep both ourselves and others safe. These are also insecure times for our industry. The situation affects the entire supply chain, including our dear suppliers and retailers. We feel very responsible as a brand and we’ll deal with this in the best way possible. What we won’t do is paralyse and let fear rule.

Instead, we should all look for new ways to keep going and remain positive. Despite everything that’s happening, we have to remember what we’re fighting for and use it as fuel for the time to come. We have to be more flexible than ever and take care of each other. Humanity has proven to be capable of making beautiful things happen. Next to frightening messages we’ve also seen very powerful and supportive news from all around the world. New change-makers are standing up, big and small.

Stay well informed, but keep spreading positivity, too. And stay home (we do!). Stay kind. Take time. Help each other out. These are hard times, but we’ll get through it together.

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