Kuyichi X FrietHoes, for all conscious fries lovers

Everyone loves fries. We definitely do! That’s why we’re proud of our recent collaboration with FrietHoes, who are known for their fresh and handmade fries. We created custom made comfy sweaters and t-shirts for them that show our common love for fries in an appealing way. Just because we can.

A unisex mini collection for every conscious fries lover out there

The FrietHoes X Kuyichi mini collection includes a unisex sweater and t-shirt with a subtle embroidery of the iconic illustrations, made by Joost Swarte, and produced by the high Kuyichi standards that you’re used to. The collection is made from 100% GOTS certified cotton and ethically produced in Europe. The mini collection is shown by the farmer who is responsible for the potatoes from which Friethoes is baking their fresh fries. Pure goods, pure people. The FrietHoes X Kuyichi mini collection will be available through their webshop soon.

About FrietHoes

FrietHoes is a familiar face to anyone who loves to visit a (Dutch) festival every once in a while. FrietHoes makes the best pure, fresh and honest fries we know, and it’s also a very conscious company. They are working hard towards a zero-waste policy. For example, Dutch garbage trucks are already driving around on green gas made from their potato peels. In collaboration with Jopen beer, those peels are also used to make beer and last but not least, FrietHoes supplies their fresh fries in bio-based plastic bags. Friethoes X Kuyichi, a perfect fit!

Check out Friethoes X Kuyichi on Dutch festivals this summer

This isn’t our first collaboration with FrietHoes. Last year, we created FrietHoes X Kuyichi tees for all employees, creating visibility on festivals and showing the pride of our partnership (see photos underneath). Since last year, all their employees are walking around in a durable and branded Kuyichi t-shirt. Check them out on many Dutch festivals!

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