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Final Sale

You might have seen it during last season’s sales period: our final sale communication. The current sale season is almost over. We thought this is a good time to go into detail about why we don’t practice sale. We’ll discuss what the sale madness means for each of the parties involved. Let’s dive in!

Let’s first explain the difference between sale and discount because we’ve noticed that there’s some confusion. Discount is something we do sometimes give. For example, if we do a collaboration with a magazine or online platform. In our eyes, a small discount can be a way to motivate consumers to try Kuyichi and make them fans. Sale, on the other hand, is trying to get rid of ‘old’ styles to make space for the new styles. Let’s see why we’re not so fond of sale.

Now that we’ve cleared the air, we’ll start off with you as a consumer because we believe you deserve to always pay the right price. For us, the value of our Pure Goods doesn’t change over time. Therefore, we put effort into calculating the true value of our products. If a product is sold for, let’s say 50% of the original price, chances are the original price was too high to begin with, which doesn’t seem fair to us.

Huge discounts contribute to the devaluation of goods that many people put their hearts and hard work into.

From the consumer, we move to the place where you buy your clothes if not through a brand’s own website: the retailer. Sale forces retailers to go along with the discount a brand or other retailers give because the consumer will simply buy it at the cheapest place possible, which makes sense. So to sell their products, retailers are forced to sell it as cheap as possible, while the price they paid stays the same. For the smaller stores, it becomes impossible to compete with the big players. If the retailer has to sell a product with 50% discount, the margin they had is almost completely gone. We love our retailers, that’s why we want their margin to stay the same.

Furthermore, the huge discounts result in the devaluation of goods that many people put their hearts and hard work into. Sale season seems to start earlier every year, making the ‘fashion seasons’ shorter and shorter. These shorter seasons pave the way for the fast fashion way of thinking, while we are all about the slow fashion movement. If you think about it, sale actually means that the clothes are worth less after only a few months. Besides, discounts result in people buying something in an impulse or with less consideration, after which it will end up unworn in the back of your closet with your other bad buys.

These shorter seasons pave the way for the fast fashion concept, while we are all about the slow fashion movement.

Another important factor in deciding the price of a product is the costs to make the product. When a brand is able to sell their products for only 30% of the original price and still makes a profit, there’s a big chance that the margins on the suppliers’ end are not fair. When you buy Kuyichi, you can be sure that the price you pay is a fair price. Fair to you, fair to our workers and retailers and fair to the environment.

— Buy something because you love it, not because it’s cheap. —

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