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Dry denim | Wear it, live it

You might have come across this term while scrolling through your Instagram feed or maybe even in our latest newsletter: ‘dry’ or ‘raw’ denim. Since we’ve just released our Jamie Dry Selvedge, we thought it’d be a good moment to inform you about this niche product which is being loved by the real denim heads among us. 

The meaning of ‘dry’

The reason why these jeans are being called dry is quite logical. The jeans have not been washed during the production process and therefore still has its dark indigo look. Basically, any jeans you have ever bought once was a dry denim, but a washing process has given it a more worn-in look. You can read more about our washing techniques here.

So if you buy a pair of dry jeans, you basically buy jeans in its purest form. However, they will not look the same after wearing them for a while. Of course, any jeans you wear will have its marks, but for dry denim, this is a bit of an understatement. Because it hasn’t been washed, the way you wear it will determine how it will end up looking. That’s the reason why people love it so much, you will create your unique one-of-a-kind denim.


A term which often, but not always, goes hand in hand with dry denim is selvedge. The word selvedge derives from ‘self-edge’, which refers to the self-binding edge of a fabric which is woven on an old-fashioned shuttle loom. The selvedge can be seen on the inside of your jeans. If you roll up your jeans, you will see a nice looking seam, as shown below. The reason why a selvedge fabric is often used for dry denim is that both are loved by denim enthusiasts.

dry denim

How to keep it fresh

Since we suggest not washing your dry denim for at least the first six months of wearing for the best fading results, you might want to consider some other ways to freshen it up. Intensive wearing will create the most beautiful fades but after a while, some odours might be inevitable. If you notice people are more hesitant to stand close to you, it’s really time to take action. There are several ways to make your dry denim fresh again. The easiest way of doing so is to put your denim in the freezer. The thing to do is to put the jeans in a waterproof bag and put it in your freezer overnight. The cold temperature kills most bacteria. The next morning, simply take out your jeans and hang them out in order to get them back into a comfortable wearing temperature. Another way of making your jeans feel fresh again is to hang your jeans outside (be aware of the sun when doing so) or to hang them in a room with a lot of steam, for example, the bathroom while showering. Last but not least there are some denim sprays. Our favourite is from Mr. Black Garment Essentials.

If you really feel like the aforementioned ways won’t cut it anymore, you might want to consider washing it. The best way of washing any denim is to soak and add a dash of vinegar to best preserve the colour. It’s best to lay them flat to dry. The cool thing about eventually washing your jeans is that the fades created will be set in stone.

For the best dry denim result: Wear it, Live it, Tear it, Repair it.

Some results of an older heavily loved Kuyichi Dry Denim

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