New office

New head office

We have recently moved in this brand new and beautiful head office in Vleuten, nearby Utrecht. The interior has been done by Peter, our co-owner, and his sister who is an interior architect. It perfectly suits our likes and necessities.

New office

It is divided into different areas. We have our office area, where all production, communication and business happens. Then there is our kitchen area with a large table where everyone comes together for lunch. Upon entering the building you first enter our showroom; a beautiful and spacious area. Here we have our current collection on display and welcome our clients to show them the new offer. Overall it has a nice vintage feeling with a lot of natural materials and – of course – some green plants to tie it all together.

From December on we started working in this new office. We’ve taken the time to settle in and it really feels like home. The pleasant vibe of our office and the quiet location create a workspace for us to focus & create. This office is a tangible step forward and an important one to grow and establish Kuyichi to it’s earlier hights.

New office

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